title validation - how not to write a title

We cleverly wrote our blog post title in all lowercase to highlight the fact that our PaperRater service now includes title validation. 
[loud clapping] 

What does this mean?

In the past, anyone could submit a paper with a terrible title -- too short, too long, not properly capitalized, etc. And yet there would be no word of advice from us.  Today, all this has changed, so beware if you plan on submitting papers with shoddy titles.  We've got our eye on you!

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  1. Hello,
    Thanks a lot for your great online service.
    I have finally found a website to proof my non native english.

    The title check is not too clear to me yet as a warning was returned in the check-report.

    I used your resource for proofreading my tech-essay article which I titled:
    Web Design – Cross Browser
    I have then reduced and capitalized the title into: "WEB DESIGN".
    ...At that point the check on the title was ignored in the resulting report.

    Ignored or skipped means validated?
    How could I render a sub-title included in the title of my article and get it validated?


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