Automated Grading has Arrived

Automated grading of papers has been one of the most requested features and certainly the one that has had our engineers working the most hours.  Consider the difficulty in attempting to grade a paper when...

1) You do not know the assignment topic
2) You do not know the recommended length
3) You are a computer with limited knowledge of the meaning of words

Nevertheless, we've found the Auto Grader to be nearly as accurate as human graders for most papers.  We do note that this grade should be considered a partial grade as it incorporates grammar correction, spelling, word choice, and style, but not the author's arguments, logic, organization, and ideas.  The latter will still need to be examined by a human.

We do hope some day to provide information into the technical side of this service.  However, for now we are busy adding more features that we hope you will love.  If you would like to suggest a feature, please click here.


  1. I really like how fast, helpful and easy it is to use PaperRater!

    I would like to use the feature you have mentioned above, but I do not know where to click.

    Where on the website can I find this feature? :)

  2. Dear PaperRater:

    I'd REALLY like to talk to you guys about how we can get your amazing tool into a more natural workflow so teachers everywhere can help their students get feedback even when the teacher isn't available.

    I can't for the life of me figure out how to reach out to you guys besides right here. Can one of you ping me? @ericnentrup



  3. @ericnentrup: you can contact us here:


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