Announcing Free Premium EDU Subscriptions

Today is a historic moment in time for PaperRater.  It represents the convergence of our mission with the work we have put in to offer accessible automated writing instruction.  We began this mission several years ago by unrolling our AI proofreading and plagiarism checker for free -- something unheard of at the time.  We take the next step on our journey today by publicly announcing a 100% free subscription to our premium service available to high schools and middle schools.  Teachers and students can now get state of the art grammar checking, plagiarism detection, automated scoring, and automated writing instruction for FREE.  To schools that are already paying for similar services, this represents an opportunity to save thousands of dollars per year.  For institutions that could not afford the excessive costs of automated proofreading and plagiarism check, we now provide a free way to tap into these benefits of an indispensable tool for the modern writer.

How it Works

Our EDU subscriptions reduce the hassle that schools typically encounter when setting up services for their classrooms.  Our system does not require any logins, student rosters, or admin accounts, yet still provides premium benefits to both students and teachers.

Better than Basic
The premium service allows you to submit longer documents, receive enhanced plagiarism detection, access premium-only modules, and more.  Competing companies are charging as much as $8 per document for these same premium-level benefits.  Your students and teachers can gain access to this technology for free. To get started, email us with your contact info, name of institution, and number of students; and we will provide you with all the info you need to begin using our premium service.


Q:  How long are you offering this for free?  Is this just some sort of temporary promotion?
A:  Our intention is that all schools that sign up will be "grandfathered" in to the free premium service.  Eventually, we may stop allowing new schools to sign up, but that should not affect any school that has already taken advantage of this offer.

Q:  What is the difference between the Free Premium and the Basic membership?
A:  For schools, both are free and ad-supported, but the Premium accepts longer documents, includes better plagiarism detection, and additional benefits listed here.

Q:  Are there limits on the size of the educational institution?
A:  We welcome schools of all sizes.  We work with high schools of 500 students and entire school districts with 10,000 students.  All are welcome to signup.

Q:  This sounds neat, but I'm still confused by the whole thing.  What can I do to understand better how this works?
A:  If you are new to our service, please use our basic service first to understand how it works and what it does.  Missing premium features will be posted visibly throughout the basic service.  The Premium EDU subscription will function similarly to the basic service but with the premium benefits mentioned here.  More documentation on the Premium EDU service is here.

Additional Questions

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any additional questions that you have. 


  1. I have used you Paper Rater service for adult education classes , but I have not been able to access the free service you are offering for Educators.
    You guys are great ! Thanks for all you are doing for educaiton.
    Sr.Louise, fma

  2. I'm very excited about using the service, but I can't find information about the meaning behind the numbers.

    1. Hi Teresa, please follow up via our contact link for any questions about our service. Thanks!


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