Search API Price Hike Impacts Plagiarism Checking

When PaperRater first "opened its doors", we were excited to find that Yahoo offered a cost effective Search API to power our free proofreader's plagiarism checking technology.  Google later offered a free API as well, and Bing too would eventually jump on board.  In just a few years, the search API landscape changed dramatically with Yahoo dropping out completely and Google replacing its free search API with the most expensive option (read prohibitively expensive). Fortunately, Bing remained steady offering an option of decent price and solid results, which granted us another couple years of free plagiarism checking integrated into our automated proofreader and grammar checker.  Yay!

I can say with great conviction that offering high quality tools for free is a wonderful way to spend my days, which is why it pained me to receive notification recently that Bing was increasing the cost of their search API.  Moreover, because the specific search package we are using will no longer be offered, the cost of the API to which we are forced to migrate is 2.5X higher than the current pricing. The bottom line of this very sad news is that we can no longer bundle free plagiarism checking with our automated proofreader.  Only premium members will have access to plagiarism checking when using the automated proofreader.  The good news for our users is that we have no plans to increase the cost of our premium service even in spite of the cost hike we are facing, and we will continue to offer plagiarism checking as part of our free premium EDU service for teachers to use with their classrooms. PaperRater also still offers our standalone (w/o automated proofreading) plagiarism checker for free.  We will continue to work at our mission of offering the best free automated proofreader and for those interested in additional features, thank you for supporting us via our premium membership.  Use the button below to learn more about our premium subscriptions.

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