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How many times have you needed to check a paper for plagiarism, or for grammar and spelling errors, but struggled to find a quality service? Students and teachers may have recommended the site TurnItIn, but pesky registration and user fees may leave you searching for a free alternative.

Welcome to PaperRater! Unlike TurnItin (and other sites), we require absolutely NO:

  • User fees
  • Logins or registration
  • Downloads of any kind

Just visit our FREE plagiarism checker page, upload your file (or copy and paste your text) and click the “Get Report” button to immediately receive a full plagiarism analysis. We check your paper against more than 10 billion online documents, and will alert you to any potential problems in a detailed report.

Helpful Resources To Improve Your Writing

PaperRater doesn’t just want to help you detect plagiarism - we want you to become a better writer! So we offer a number of FREE tools to help enhance any blog, essay or article.

Teachers love us, too! Not only do we give them a head start on their grading, we help them teach their students how to improve their writing, with:

  • Free grammar checks. Proofread text directly in your browser, with errors underlined in green. You can also edit your text using PaperRater’s free grammar suggestions, then copy and paste the corrections into a new draft.
  • Style check. Learn more about your usage of transitional phrases, and receive help with adverbs, conjunctions and prepositional phrases.
  • Sentence length. A fantastic tool for bloggers and academic writers! Increase your readership by ensuring you have the right sentences for the right audience.
  • Academic vocabulary. PaperRater also grades work based on the quality and quantity of scholarly vocabulary words found in the text. Which is great for seeing how your students measure up against others at their educational level!
  • Free auto-grading. Finally, we present an overall grade of your piece, based on your initial style, grammar, vocabulary and sentence length results. Note that this grade does not account for the meaning of words, the structure of your ideas, or how well you support your arguments. Therefore, you don’t need to take it too seriously. However, our auto-grader is a supremely helpful tool that will help improve your grammar and spelling overall.

Protecting Our Users’ Privacy

In this technological age, we want all our users to feel safe and secure knowing that their work isn’t floating around online somewhere. Nothing is more personal to people than their writing, so we promise to never, ever sell anybody’s information to any third-party.

Plus, unlike TurnItIn, who remains unclear about how long they retain uploaded works in their database, we delete most submitted documents from our servers within 12 hours.

PaperRater: The Free Alternative To TurnItIn

Every day, thousands of people use PaperRater to check for plagiarism, as well as spelling and grammatical errors. Unlike other plagiarism checkers, we require no logins or registration unless you choose to sign up for our premium services.

Additionally, PaperRater caters to both students and teachers. Unlike TurnItIn, we allow and encourage students to check for accidental plagiarism before turning in their papers. And we don’t charge $8 a paper, like our competitors. Yikes!

Analyze your essay today for FREE with PaperRater’s plagiarism, grammar and spelling checker! Become a better writer with instant results on style, grammar, sentence length and more. We aren’t just an alternative to TurnItIn - we’re its replacement!

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