Monday, August 23, 2010

Shorter Text Submissions

Prior to now, Paper Rater has considered it bad policy to allow shorter documents to be processed.  This is due to the fact that the tips you receive after submitting your paper are the result of statistical analysis of the text.  Many of these analyses require a large enough sample size (in words) to truly be effective.

Nevertheless, our users told us (more than once) that we should be allowing shorter pieces of text to be submitted.  We are listening.  As of this writing will process pieces of text under 500 characters similarly to larger text with the following caveats:
  • Originality detection will be disabled
  • Vocabulary analysis will be disabled
  • Transitional phrases will not be analyzed
  • Raw statistics will not be displayed
Spelling, free grammar correction, and word choice tips will still be given.

Thanks for the valuable feedback!


  1. Since my posts have to be 420 characters or less, I vote for processing pieces less than 500 using all caveats. Thanks

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  3. It just gets better. Thanks!

  4. I really enjoy using your program, however, many of the documents that my students submit are under 500 characters, It would be nice to get at least the originality detection. Thank you... a teacher...

  5. I just wanna say you are awesome site, keep on the good works. God bless you you was very helpful for me

  6. Some times we need grammar check for simple statements, blogs or social media updates. all we need is proper grammar check that usually fail in MS word like applications.

  7. Thank you for doing that on the spot, and so quickly. There was a time issue and you took care of me. In return I'll take a good look at your website and see what its all about.

    Thanks again

  8. I would like to know if this following sentence make sense?

    "My Strength comes, not in spite of my tribulations, but because of them."


    1. It makes perfect sense. You might be the next Dr. Martin Luther King. :)

  9. Thanks for creating this awesome web app.

  10. I love this blog and your work is awesome..

  11. Today is the first time I've used PaperRater with the security access. Every time I type in the letters and/or numbers, it says it is wrong. I've been at it for 20 minutes. I can't understand the hearing feature either. What now?

  12. Paperrater is the greatest site as per my experince. I love the way it deals with the work. moreover, it is free. that's probably the best for those who don't have budget.

  13. By the time I decided to write about my personal life, automatically many doubts come into my head and still throwing with my English grammar :( What should I do? please help me :'(

  14. PaperRater is just a great gift. It is not only awesome but also a real revolution in the world of education.


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